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The following are some helpful tips that you can use while planning or enjoying your Alaska cruise.

  • The Alaskan cruise season runs from May to September, with July and August being the most busy months. If you can book your cruise early, you might save considerable amount of money on your trip.

  • Don't forget to pack a sweater or a sweatshirt because it might get cold in Alaskan region. Also, you should take an umbrella or preferably a raincoat because rain is not uncommon in that region between May and September.

  • Unless you're cruising with Norwegian Cruise Line, you should take one formal dress with you to the cruise (for men this usually means a suite or tuxedo and for women this means a nice elegant dress). Usually in many cruise ships there is at least one formal dinner, during which everyone dresses extremely elegantly. You wouldn't want to look out of place during that party.

  • Don't worry about how much you should tip. Most cruise rooms will contain a tipping guideline that you can use to figure out what you should tip.

  • For additional information, check out the "40 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Alaskan Cruises And Their Answers" page on our website. It's quite detailed and can be very helpful.



Home Best Prices and Deals Helpful Tips Discussions About Us