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Topic: Welcome to Discussions Board
Welcome to Discussions Board!

This board is a fairly recent addition to this website and went live on November 2, 2009. The goal of this board is to become a place where all those who are interested in Alaskan Cruises would "mingle" online, ask questions, provide answers, advice and information. This board is for everyone - from those who are just starting to think about going to their first Alaskan Cruise to those who have been to many such cruises and are real experts.

So, welcome to this board and I hope you'd enjoy connecting and communicating with your fellow Alaskan Cruisers.
Three seniors going to Alaska together. Is there room for three in a stateroom without being crowded to much?
Dan - Rooms on cruise ships are usually small (unless you take a presidential suite or something like that). However, you won't be spending much time there anyway, except for sleeping, so unless you have large space needs, you should be fine.

Thank you
Looking for a good deal on a cruise for the 4 of July. Any advice on where to start?





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