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Topic: Holland - Amsterdam - May 18, 25, Aug 31, Sep 14
This topic is for general discussion among those who will be enjoying the cruise below or have an interest in doing so.

Cruise Line: Holland America Cruises
Ship Name: Amsterdam
2009 Departure: May 18, 25; August 31; September 14

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Is there anyone out there who has used this cruise line?

It looks like a nice one, but I have never done a cruise before. My husband and I decided to do something different for our Wedding Anniversary. Any info is appreciated.
I've been to a few cruises and the they are very similar no matter what the cruise line is. They are as similar as cell phone providers Verizon vs. Sprint vs. Cingular i.e. there isn't that much difference.

Holland America is one of the biggest and most represented cruise lines especially in Alaskan market, so you would enjoy your Wedding Anniversary on a Holland America ship.

Enjoy your trip!





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