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Topic: Princess - Dawn - May 31, Aug 9
This topic is for general discussion among those who will be enjoying the cruise below or have an interest in doing so.

Cruise Line: Princess Cruises
Ship Name: Dawn Princess
2009 Departure: May 31; August 9

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Bob Bassett
This will be the first cruise my wife and I have taken to Alaska. I am looking for comfort, luxury, as well affordability. Can anyone share their experience, their do's and don'ts. We want to go from San Francisco to Alaska.


Bob & Kathy
If you want luxery Dawn Princess is not your ship. It is a basic cruise with many multi-generational families aboard. It reminded me of Carnival (which now owns Princess).

We were on the June 30, S.F. to S.F. Alaska cruise. Would not go back to Princess even though this was our 5th Princess Cruise.

If you want a luxerious cruise you need to spend more and go to a more upscale cruise line that does not market to middle America.

After trying a few different cruise ships, we have found Princess most beneficial for our needs. We enjoy the free style dining and the evening entertainment. (we both ballroom dance)

We may venture on to a few others in years to come; although I doubt paying twice the price will not always equate to luxury.

Do not let me, or others influence you in any way though; we all have different values and outlooks on life.

Whatever you decide...happy cruising!






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